Why choose Jinshuo

  • Dalian, Jinshuo International Trade CO.,LTD, founded in 1996, more than 20 years of steady development

  • Set up regular business with more than 20 countries and dozen of international aquatic enterprises in the world.

  • More than 1000 square meters of processing field

  • More than 7000 square meters of goods distribution center

About Jinshuo

Dalian ,Jinshuo International Trade CO.,LTD

Was founded in 1996. It has registered trademarks such as “Xiaoqin Aquatic Product”and“QIAN YU ISLAND”.It is a professional large-scale aquatic products trading company. By virtue of geographical conditions, It’s near the roll-on -roll-off port,which is used to connect all parts of the country. At the same time, it also has own right of import and export. Connecting with international convention, we could exchange and visit with foreign customers directly. Since it’s establishment, the company deals in frozen, normal ,drying and other marine products in domestic and international market.

Producing departments

National service

National service areas:"Xiaoqin aquatic" brand of seafood gift box chain and operators have multiple cities and regions throughout the country. In recent years, the company pushed many rich combination, good quality seafood package, now has become consumers when visiting relatives and friends, and treats. In order to better serve the consumers, and all seafood gift bag with product from ocean fishing, absolutely natural pollution-free, does not contain any additives. Alaska's halibut, Chilean salmon, red fish in Iceland, cold-water shrimp, conch , skate wing, king crab, lobster, cod crab, etc. Let every customer half step from abroad, but taste the seafood in the world! Seafood family distribution center, but also shortened with the customer.

International business

International business aspects: processing of materials supplied by the foreign businessmen, materials processing, feed processing business; Professional agent import issuing business; Successively with the United States, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Russia, the world more than 20 countries such as Argentina, xi class also dozens of international aquatic product enterprises set up a regular trade, import and export trade has formed a complete pattern; Years in sales of nearly one hundred million yuan.